35mm short ends, long ends, re-cans & factory sealed.

35mm filmmaking is the professional way to shoot movies. There are literally hundreds of thousands of digital movies being marketed on the Internet. 99.9% of them are going to end up being ignored or deleted. It is a royal waste of time and money to shoot in digital for any serious filmmakers.

The only justification for shooting with digital cameras is if a filmmaker wishes to experiment or create CGI cheaply. However in such cases the video images must be immediately mastered in 35mm after they have been edited and finalized, so they can at least be preserved. Even though the technology of digital images will last only a few years, and digital cannot be improved beyond the level it was recorded, at least these transitory movies can be temporarily preserved for a few decades at best.

35mm films in contrast can be upgraded as digital technology improves and changes. Film will always be ahead of digital. Digital has limitations and becomes permanently obsolete.

The worst part of digital filmmaking is that the amateur styles of videography wipes out the tradition of great Hollywood filmmaking and in time there won’t be any filmmakers who truly know how to make movies.


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